Sometimes it’s lonely at the top. MAPLE’s consultancy has been recognised by our past clients as an ‘extension to their management team’.  During the course of getting to know each other, we recognise each organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in order to facilitate and design the solution for each client. 

Our support to leadership comes in the format of peer-to-peer network support, introductions to our wide cast of experts and other leaders in the local area and respective industry segments. 

At MAPLE – we consider that life is about relationships and building business partnerships is integral to the way we operate. Like-minded leaders working with one another to support each other’s business creating commercial synergy.

Thankfully, our portfolio of clients and their brands sit within a high-end consumer demographic. An appealing core of clients that have the ability to cross-market within each other, while offering ultimate customer service and results. 

Leadership training, coaching and support can also be provided as well as introductions to support resources such as concierge, virtual PA and peer support groups can also be offered when entering the MAPLE ecosystem. 

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